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Google Merchant Solutions
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Google Merchant Solutions

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Get your products found on Google
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Google Merchant Solutions का अवलोकनं

    Show your products to shoppers when they search on Google
    List products for free or reach more people with Google Ads
    Manage your product info and availability on Wix to streamline sales
    Drive customers to your online store from Google
Start selling across Google, and create free listings for your products with Google Merchant Solutions. Connect your existing Google Merchant account, or easily create a new one to get started. Once connected, you’ll be able to sync and manage your inventory on Wix. Your products will be shown in search results across Google—from Google Search to Google Shopping and more. When a customer clicks on your listing, they’ll be brought back to your Wix store to complete checkout. Want to target a specific audience on Google? Set up Performance Max Campaigns using Google Ads with Wix to drive sales. Turn online shoppers into real customers with an ads budget that’s right for your business.
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