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इसके द्वारा InviteReferrals.com
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इसके द्वारा InviteReferrals.com
#1 Refer A Friend & Loyalty App
3.0 (4)
प्रीमियम साइट आवश्यक है

InviteReferrals का अवलोकनं

    Automated referral tracking including easily manageable rewards and coupons.
    Multiple types of referral widgets
    Fully customizable email templates, campaign views, and referral invite content through WYSIWYG editor
    Built for marketers. No code changes required after one time integration
InviteReferrals is a marketing software solution that enables you to build rewards for referrals to expand your customer base. You can extract from multiple campaign types to run on different platforms like websites, mobile applications, Facebook pages, and emails. It empowers you to reach your existing customers wherever they are and to urge them to convert their colleagues, family, and friends to your brand.
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Basic Plan प्लान


1000 new referrers / month
3 campaigns
Account Access (1 member)
Email Support (24hrs response).
Standard Plan प्लान


3000 new referrers / month
6 campaigns
Account Access (5 member)
Email Support (16hrs response)
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