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SiteWit is the leading marketing platform for small businesses. Over 50,000 website owners use SiteWit to market their website and understand their traffic. SiteWit has offices in Tampa, Florida and in the San Francisco Bay area.


Why SiteWit?


The 5-minute Paid Search Solution.




SiteWit runs your paid search campaigns so you can run your business. 


SiteWit is the only completely automated solution for paid search marketing that gets your site found by people that are actively looking for your products or services AND runs, manages and optimizes your campaigns for your unique business – not a category.


You get found fast - by the people who are actively looking for the exact products and services you offer.  Now you have no more excuses for not getting started with paid search!


“I don’t have time.”


Sitewit takes 5 minutes to set up – and just minutes per week to monitor and manage.


“Too complicated!”


Sitewit gets results simply. You answer a few easy questions about your business. Sitewit automatically sets up and optimizes your campaign.


“How do I know I’m getting my money’s worth?”


Using the same sophisticated technology and analytics as Fortune 100 companies, SiteWit monitors visitor engagement and fine tunes your campaign on a daily basis to get maximum results for your budget range. We’ll even reduce the overall spend if we find certain parts of the campaign are not performing well.


“What if I’m already running a campaign on my own or with an agency?”


Then you understand first-hand the challenges with managing and maximizing a paid search campaign.  Here’s all we can say – no one person or team of people can do on a daily basis what SiteWit’s backend technology and algorithms do.  Period.  Many clients initially set up a small campaign on SiteWit to compare against their existing one.  They quickly realize that SiteWit not only saves them money but also time!


“This seems too good to be true!”


We get it.  Having once been a small business owner, we understand the hesitation.  That’s why we are completely transparent in our goal – to make you successful.  We are not aligned to a search engine; we are willing to work with you no matter how big or small your budget; and 100% of your budget goes towards driving traffic to your site, not commissions or monthly fees.  Have a $300/month budget?  $300 is spent marketing your company on search engines.  It’s that simple