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Wix Members Area
इसके द्वारा Wix

Wix Members Area

इसके द्वारा Wix
Let visitors form & manage a personal account.
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  • Wix Members Area का अवलोकनं

        Let members customize their own account
        Give exclusive access to pages and services
        Manage member activity from any device
        Empower your members with custom badges
    Turn visitors into members to enhance business and social websites. Create engaging opportunities to grow your site and establish relationships. With Wix Members Area, visitors can easily sign up to your site and gain access to exclusive pages and services. Once they’ve signed up, keep members updated with automatic notifications and view all activity in your dashboard - even from your Wix Mobile App. Members can view and customize personal data, track their bookings and purchases, interact with other members and more.
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    अंग्रेज़ीअरबीइंडोनेशियाईइतालवीकोरियाईचीनीचेकजर्मनजापानीडचडेनिशतगलोगतुर्कीथाईनार्वेजियनपुर्तगालीपोलिशफ्रेंचबुल्गारियाईमालेयूक्रेनीयूनानीरूसीरोमानियाईलिथुआनियाईस्पेनिशस्वीडिशहंगेरियनहिन्दी हिब्रूफ़िनिश
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