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MySizeID ‑ Size Recommender
इसके द्वारा MySizeID
प्रीमियम साइट आवश्यक है

MySizeID ‑ Size Recommender

इसके द्वारा MySizeID
Boost sales and reduce returns with MySizeID!
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प्रीमियम साइट आवश्यक है
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  • MySizeID ‑ Size Recommender का अवलोकनं

        Help customers find their correct size
        Reduce wrong size related returns
        Increase sales and brand loyalty
        Increase customer satisfaction
    MySizeID app gives personalized size recommendations based on the shopper's specific details, allowing the customer to have confidence they are buying the correct size the first time. MySizeID integrates with the retailers' size charts to provide the exact size recommendation for each customer, eliminating the work for the shopper to read size charts, measure themselves accurately and determine a size. A high percentage of online shoppers don't know their size from one clothing store to the next, resulting in online orders being returned, and dissatified customers. MySizeID solves these problems, increasing customer satisfaction, increasing the retailers' sales, brand loyalty, and the probability that a shopper will purchase again in the future. Try MySizeID for Free! 500 Size Recommendations and 5 Size Charts included
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