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इसके द्वारा ITC IP Technologies
Worldwide virtual local numbers to your site
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  • PBXme का अवलोकनं

        Worldwide virtual local telephone numbers to your site
        Protect your private phone number, use virtual number
        Forward incoming calls, to any destination, globally.
        Simple, straightforward, yet supports all options
    Our virtual numbers service allows you to present a phone number on your site, receive calls and orders, while protecting your privacy and true number. Get a local phone number in your country, define incoming calls forwarding schema, receive the calls to any destination worldwide. The caller will pay only cost of the local call, mostly falls within call-bundle. You pay only a fix monthly cost for the number and minimal per-minute cost of call forwarding, on a per usage basis.
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    Setup , Monthly and Usage

    1. Setup Costfalse a one-time payment. 2. Monthly Costfalse The fee for the ownership of the number. next month, you will get an email notification with simple instructions. 3. Call Deposit - the amount will be added to your balance in our cashier. any forwarding or make special use. will be deducted from this cashier. We will NEVER charge your credit card without your specific approval
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