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Pingme Messenger Chat
इसके द्वारा Omega
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Pingme Messenger Chat

इसके द्वारा Omega
Live chat on Facebook Messenger, Instagram
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  • Pingme Messenger Chat का अवलोकनं

        Bring Facebook live chat to your store for better customer service
        Connect your Facebook & Instagram by simple setup in few clicks
        Beautiful and modern chat widget suits your website
        Centralize all customers engagement in one place - easier remarketing
    With PingMe, your customers can "ping" you right where they are - in their favorite chat Messenger. Fast & Easy - for customers & for you. With one-click integration, you can keep conversions persistent across your website, Facebook & Instagram. Not just a chatbot, PingMe gives you chance to have real conversations - give people what they really need when they need it with superior deliverability. Save time and money with real-time messages, centralized engagement and insightful data.
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    BASIC प्लान


    Live Chat via Facebook Messenger
    Customize Live Chat widget
    Device Target
    Customer Support 24/7
    PREMIUM प्लान


    All benefits of Basic plan
    Instagram Direct Message
    Set Working Days/Time
    Customer Support
    * मूल्य USD में है

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