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Sell on Wish
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Sell on Wish

इसके द्वारा Wix
Connect to millions of customers on Wish
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Sell on Wish का अवलोकनं

    Grow your audience on a mobile-first marketplace in over 100 countries
    Add tags to your products to help customers discover your products
    Get reduced seller fees for a limited time when you sign up with Wix
    Manage listings from your Wix dashboard
Reach more shoppers with our fully native Wish integration. Sell your products on an exciting mobile-friendly marketplace with millions of active users. When you connect your store to Wish, you choose which products you want to list. Edit product info and easily create tags for shoppers to discover your products on Wish. Streamline sales, and manage all of your orders from your Wix dashboard. Enjoy reduced new seller fees, and other seller perks. Explore why customers enjoy shopping on Wish with their unique promotions, games, flash sales and more.
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