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Social Offers
इसके द्वारा Social Intents
मुफ्त प्लान उपलब्ध है

Social Offers

इसके द्वारा Social Intents
Build email leads with coupons and downloads.
मुफ्त प्लान उपलब्ध है

Social Offers का अवलोकनं

    Quickly build your email list by offering incentives to join or subscribe
    Offer coupons and downloads to grow your customers and turn visitors into customers
    Build social followers by adding Facebook and Twitter buttons to your offers
    Customize each offer for your brand assets, language, and types of incentives
Increase your email subscribers by offering rewards and incentives to your site visitors. Social Offers lets you add an elegant popup to your website that offers free coupons or gives access to digital downloads (PFDs, songs, etc.), for joining your mailing list. Customize your offer for your business with your own cover images. You can also configure multiple social network accounts and add unlimited emails subscribers to your lists. Customize for your language, colors, logos, and text. Start today for FREE!
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