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TiXel: TikTok Pixel Installer
इसके द्वारा Effective Apps

TiXel: TikTok Pixel Installer

इसके द्वारा Effective Apps
Track ad sales & traffic for your TikTok pixels
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  • TiXel: TikTok Pixel Installer का अवलोकनं

        Easily create and install multiple, unlimited number of TikTok pixels together.
        Automatic Event Triggering: Events trigger automatically as they occur in store.
        Get insightful metrics about your store's traffic and audience type & behaviour.
        One click installation & universal support. No technical knowledge is required.
    Get smart insights on your TikTok Ads by adding tracking pixels to your site in just a single click. Automatic Event Triggering There is no need to manually configure the 'Product Details Page View', 'Add to Cart', 'Initiate Checkout' and 'Complete Payment' E-Commerce events in your TikTok Business Account - The app will automatically trigger them for you. Target The Right Audience With the insights you'll get from the tracking pixels (which includes information about your visitors origin, traffic, add to cart events, sale events and more) you'll be able to adjust your target audience, improve the quality of the traffic you're attracting and boost conversions. One Click Installation No technical knowledge is required at all in order to install and activate the TikTok Pixel in your store. Simply copy it from your TikTok Business account and paste it in the app. Note: TiXel is an independent app and is not officially related to Tik Tok. The TikTok pixel should be created in the TikTok Ads Dashboard.
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