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Upurr Store
इसके द्वारा Upurr
प्रीमियम साइट आवश्यक है

Upurr Store

इसके द्वारा Upurr
Connecting to your shoppers
4.4 (5)
प्रीमियम साइट आवश्यक है

Upurr Store का अवलोकनं

    Drive targeted shoppers to your store
    Increase sales by enabling Upurr shoppers to purchase your products
    Pull in your products to add to your Upurr Store Profile
    Create vouchers in Upurr with your coupon codes
Upurr drives targeted shoppers to your app to generate more traffic and help increase sales. It's a free marketing tool that you can start benefiting from today. If you haven't already, go to our website and create your free Upurr store account. You can then use the Upurr Store app to connect your store to your Upurr store profile account. Once connected, your store will be included on the Upurr shopper app where UK shoppers regularly make purchases and Upurr will continually suggest your store to shoppers interested in your style of products. For more information please visit our website.
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10% Commission प्लान

10% commission on purchases

Only pay 10% commission on purchases. No sale, no fee.

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