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URL Shortener
इसके द्वारा Beaver Codes
30 दिन का फ्री ट्रायल

URL Shortener

इसके द्वारा Beaver Codes
QR Code Generator, Boost Security + Trust
5.0 (6)
30 दिन का फ्री ट्रायल

URL Shortener का अवलोकनं

    Generate short link & QR Code for any URL
    Count clicks per link
    Update link target after it was shared
    Compare different campaign performances
Empower your site with our advanced URL shortener and QR Code generator for trackable, measurable links, gaining unparalleled insights into user interactions to optimize your online strategies. Our tools not only simplify link management but also enhance security and trust by providing scannable QR codes. We offer priority support and continuously enhance the URL Shortener in response to your feedback, ensuring they meet your business and enterprise needs. After installation, email us for prompt assistance from our developers. Committed to your success, we prioritize security and trust, encouraging you to install and share feedback for mutual growth.
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Create up to 5 shortlinks
Track link visits
Change link after it was shared
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Create up to 25 shortlinks
Priority Support
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Base plan benefits
Business plan benefits
Create unlimited shortlinks
Custom domain setup
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