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Visual Stats Bar
इसके द्वारा Paper Temple
मुफ्त प्लान उपलब्ध है

Visual Stats Bar

इसके द्वारा Paper Temple
Show stats & achievements with animated graphs
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मुफ्त प्लान उपलब्ध है

Visual Stats Bar का अवलोकनं

    Smooth number & graph animations
    Choose from 7 customizable layouts
    Connect with Collections or Google Sheets to show live data
    Easy Setup
Make an impact with a visual bar graph on your website. These graphs are a professional way to show off your stats, progress, or achievements. Customize each individually for anything like sales, fundraising goals, portfolios, and more. Pick from 7 designs, add a current value, a goal value, and you're set. Optionally use a Google spreadsheet to show current live values each time someone visits the page.
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Basic प्लान


3 Layout Options
Animated Progress Bar
Definable Start, Goal & Current Value
Premium प्लान


4 Additional Layout Options
Connect to Collections & Google Sheets
Enable Number Counting Animation
Set Animation Duration
* मूल्य USD में है

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