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One-click install! Observe visitors on your web site in real-time, and get clear, user-friendly traffic reports. Add Web-Stat now and discover how your visitors navigate your site:

  • Look at individual visitors
  • Track all referrers and search engines
  • Measure the time spent on your pages
  • Check your bounce rates and visit depths
  • Detect browsers, OS and screen sizes
  • Geo-locate each visitor
  • Get alerts for all new visitors, or for conversions only

Web-Stat is easy to use and easy to understand: We present data that is clear and well organized. You can view it, print it, email it, or download it.


Add Web-Stat to your site in just one click and start observing your visitors right away!


Web-Stat is currently monitoring 130,000 web sites worldwide and has been in continuous operations since 1997.