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WhatsApp Chat by Sweethelp
इसके द्वारा Sweethelp LLC
मुफ्त प्लान उपलब्ध है

WhatsApp Chat by Sweethelp

इसके द्वारा Sweethelp LLC
Recover abandoned carts & chat with clients
अभी तक कोई समीक्षा नहीं
मुफ्त प्लान उपलब्ध है

WhatsApp Chat by Sweethelp का अवलोकनं

    Enable WhatsApp Chat button to provide the best customer support.
    Recover abandoned carts automatically via WhatsApp.
    Offer discounts, bring back lost customers & boost your revenues with WhatsApp.
    Notify your customer about each order activity via WhatsApp.
Sweethelp helps you recover abandoned carts through WhatsApp. It saves you precious time with its marketing automation & abandoned cart recovery tool which helps you monitor & improve your sales using real-time data. Sweethelp uses the best WhatsApp marketing techniques & allows you to reach customers & grow sales with automated and customizable WhatsApp templates (that dramatically improve your ROI and conversion rate), putting everything on autopilot so you can go along and run your business.
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Abandoned Cart Recovery
5 automated messages / month
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500 automated messages / month
Fast Lane Support
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