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Wolt E-commerce Delivery
इसके द्वारा Wolt
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Wolt E-commerce Delivery

इसके द्वारा Wolt
Store to Door Delivery Experience in under 1 h
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  • Wolt E-commerce Delivery का अवलोकनं

        First 3 deliveries are free
        Informative order dashboard for easy order management & control
        We provide you and your customers the Wolt live tracking experience in every delivery
        Pay As You Go, no hidden fees or installation costs
    Wolt is an award-winning technological delivery platform known best for the Wolt App. Now, you can offer the familiar Wolt Delivery experience to your customers by downloading the Wolt E-Commerce Delivery Wix app. Add Wolt Delivery as an option at your store’s checkout, and enable your customers to get the “Wolt Delivery Experience” in their E-Commerce shopping. As a store owner, you control when Wolt will come to pick up the package. From your store to your customer’s door in less than 30 minutes! Wolt Delivery is currently available in most cities in Israel. Got any Questions? Look for Wolt in Wix Help Center for more Info.
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    PER DELIVERY प्लान

    Starting From 29.90₪

    First 3 deliveries are free
    Delivery distance based on aerial Km
    Price Includes 1 Km
    1.5₪ for every additional 250m

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